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Welcome and Blessings. I am Rev. Jennifer Williams Intuitive consultant. I am guided by 3 spirit guides my angels since birth. My guides guide me to give you messages through your energy. It is through feeling your energy that my spiritual connection with you begins.
My strong bond with my guides provides the opening I need to communicate with your guides freely and openly. I offer mirror readings (psychic readings) in person, via phone, video or text. I also offer intuitive counseling sessions, tarot readings, dream interpretation, group psychic readings and Psychic Parties.

One of the questions I get asked often is how does a mirror reading work? That is a very easy question to answer I am able to see, speak, feel and hear spirits which means that I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and have clairsentience. The mirror is one of the tools I use to communicate with the spirit world. I usually ask my clients to touch the mirror so the mirror can also pick up your energy. If you are not available in person, I will ask you to recite a special incantation. Together with your energy that will help open the connection even further to provide you with your reading.
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    The Foundation Of Inner Strength offers a variety of services to people from all walks of life to give them a Most positive and fulfilling life. Rev. Jennifer Williams offers mirror Psychic readings (Psychic reading), intuitive counseling sessions, tarot readings, dream interpretation, group psychic readings and Psychic Parties. All of our services are available by appointment only!
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