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Do you want to know what lies ahead in your future?
Are you confused and don’t know which way to turn?
Do you need help finding your soul’s purpose?
Would you like to communicate with Spirit, but don’t know how?
Are you looking for long term support or need help feeling empowered?
Are you looking for the truth and want someone who will tell you?
Would you like all your questions to be answered with the help of the spiritual world?

Then you have come to the right place welcome my friend, to The Foundation of Inner Strength, your number one source for the best psychic readings in the Charlotte, NC and South Carolina area!
Every one of us has questions that require immediate answers, questions that are so complicated that a simple worldly answer will never be able to fulfill. Sometimes we run into obstacles that seem difficult to overcome.

As your psychic medium in the Charlotte, NC area I, Rev. Jennifer Williams, am here to help you find the right answers to your mind boggling questions and to help you overcome your obstacles and help you to feel empowered. I understand how much you want to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life that is why I will see to it that you will get exactly just that through a good psychic reading.

Since birth, I have been guided by 3 spirit guides whom I consider as my angels. They are the ones who guide me to give you the messages and intuitive readings (psychic readings) using your own energy and my trusty mirror. The moment I feel your energy, my spiritual connection with you begins.

You might be wondering how a psychic medium like me provides the readings that my clients need. With my strong bond with my own guides, I am given the chance to openly and freely communicate with your personal guides. I am able to speak, hear, feel and see spirits which means I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and have clairsentience. The mirror is one of the tools I use to also communicate with the spirit world. This is how a psychic like me helps my clients get clarity.

Usually, I request my clients to touch the mirror so that it will also be able to pick up their energy. If you are not available in person, I will then ask you to recite a special incantation. With the use of your guides and energy, I will then open the connection further so that I can give you your psychic reading.

Aside from providing individual psychic reading, I also offer intuitive counseling sessions (intuitive life coaching), dream interpretation, tarot card readings, psychic group reading and psychic parties.

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No matter which option you choose, my ultimate goal is to provide my clients with valuable service for a small fee.
Rev. Jennifer Williams

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Below you will find a brief description of the different ways I share my gifts with the world. Read them all and choose the best method that resonates in your heart. Once you choose you can simply fill out the form above to schedule your spiritual consultation. You are also welcome to read my services in detail under the services link.
Regardless of which way you decide to connect with me rest, knowing that you are in excellent hands and your questions and concerns will be answered in an accurate and compassionate way!

Intuitive Psychic Readings – Psychic Mirror Readings

Can be conducted via phone, video, text or in person at my Marshville office, I service clients from all over the world. So if you are not in or near the Marshville area, don’t fret I can still provide you with a psychic mirror reading.
Click here for more information on a Psychic Mirror Reading.
If you would like to be anonymous or prefer the other methods of getting a reading, then a tarot card reading is your answer. As I provide tarot card readings via email as well as in person, via phone, video or online chat.
Click here for more information on a Tarot Card Reading.

Intuitive Life Coaching – Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Counseling or Intuitive Life Coaching which can also be classified as just life coaching (with a twist) is designed to create a series of neutral, unbiased assignments to help you make the necessary and empowering changes in your life in order to be more focused with the path that is destined for you.
Click here for more information on Intuitive Life Coaching.

Group Psychic Readings | Gallery Psychic Readings

Just like a psychic party group psychic readings or gallery psychic readings are conducted with a group of people. The difference with a group psychic reading is that you will receive your reading in front of the group and they will receive their readings in front of you.
Click here to for more information on group psychic readings

Psychic party- Psychic Parties

A Psychic party is a unique way to add a twist your party. I offer 2 types of parties it’s on me and self-pay the minimum number of guests is 6-8 and the host gets a free reading.
I do also offer corporate and business psychic parties.
Click here to find out more information on psychic parties or click here to find out more information on my business and corporate psychic parties.

Dream Interpretations

My dream interpretations are available via email or phone. If you have a dream you wish to get the meaning for then a dream interpretation is for you.
Click here to find out more information about my dream interpretations.

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