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Money Spell


This money spell will work if you believe. Place a green candle into a glass and fill half way up with pennies. Inscribe on the candle with the good fortune and completion rune. See pictures on the side. Light the candle and let it burn down to nothing, so that the wax has melted in the pennies. As you light the candle state that you want what you need and not a penny more. You may want to make an offering to the Goddess and God (light a candle) and ask the elements to carry your desire.

Money Spell Futhark-Thurisaz- Good Luck

Good Luck

Let us know how your money spell turns out. Do you know of any money spells? Please share it with us. Use the contact link at the top of the page or the contact form to your right.

Continuing Self-Awareness – Your Thoughts Causes Your Feelings

In this post we are going to talk more about self-awareness. If you came to this post first without reading the previous 2 posts I invite you to read those posts first by going here and here  In order to change and take control of your thoughts you must first become aware of the thoughts you are having. This happens be increasing your self-awareness.

self-awareness your thoughts causes your feelingsYou have been writing in your notebooks for about a week now, you have begun to increase your self-awareness and your awareness of the way you think has begun to increase as well. One question I want to ask you have you observed your writing? Have you noticed any common denominator’s? If so what are they? If not go back and read all your writings again.

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Near Death Experience (NDE)

What is a near death experience? The near death experience is a type of forced out-of-body experience (obe), caused by organic traumas and or psychical, chemical or psychological agents. It commonly occurs in cases of terminal illness or situations which involve moments of great risk to the physical body, such as accidents, electrocutions, surgery, suffocation, drowning etc…

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Do you have real, true friends and friendships or just acquaintances?

My lesson for the day, over the past few weeks I have been testing the theory of true friends and the real meaning of friendship. I have learned over these past few weeks that it is very easy to have acquaintances and you can acquire many of these people in your life but it is very hard to have real friends and true friendships. Many of us have the misconception that just because you hang out with someone, have fun with them, talk with them either infrequently or frequently that they are all of sudden your friends or even your bff.

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Rune of the Week-Jera

This rune is known as the harvest rune. The meaning of this rune has to do with harvest, fertile season and one year.

This rune is a positive rune with a wonderful outcome.  The rune of Jera pertains to anything you’re committed to. A full cycle must pass before you reap the harvest or before you see your rewards. Which is why this rune has the meaning of “one year”, as you must wait a full year before you see any results in the seeds that you have sown. So you must be aware that this rune is not a rune of quick results and you must be patient.

You planted the seed now you must take care of it and help it grow.  Jera says that to those who have patience they will see their ideas, activities or endeavors flourish and succeed. But again you must have patience because this will be the recognition of your own process, which in its season, leads to the harvest of self!

So if you are currently working on something please know that it will succeed, you just have to be patient and wait, but don’t just sit around and wait for it to happen or for it to just fall on your lap, because it won’t you need to continue to work on it to help the success happen. For you to succeed you need to work hard on it and do what you need to do make it work. Once you have planted your seed and helped it grow, you will reap the rewards or the harvest for your hard work and perseverance.

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