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It’s time to start taking “I am” from a negative statement to a positive one. How many times have you used the statement I am in a negative light? I am fat, I am too skinny, I am ugly, I am broke, I am unlucky, I am tired, I am sick of my life, I am not successful, I am unworthy of love, I am unworthy of a good life. I can continue to go on and on.

It’s time to stop the negative I am and make them positive. I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am rich, I am healthy, I am lucky, I am blessed, I am confident, I am successful, I am worthy of a good life! I am worthy of love, I am worth it! I am so awesome, I am a good person, I am a spiritual being, and I am intelligent! I am powerful!

In the past I have talked about keeping a journal and writing down the homework I have given you. Your homework today is to change your “I am” from negative to positive. Rewrite your “I am”. When you do this you begin to bring in the positive energy in your life. You become what you believe, so if you believe in the negative that is what you will become. So you need turn that around and believe in the positive, so you will become positive and you will in turn receive an abundance of positive things in your life.

I have mentioned several times that your thoughts are very powerful. Your mind is one of your most powerful tools. It is time to start using your mind to bring nothing but abundance in your life. Remember this if you want things to change in your life, you have to be willing to accept it. Change starts with you!

I want to know what “I am “are you going to change for the positive? Leave your comments below.

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