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when_you_have_an_inspiredWhen you have an inspired thought, you have to trust it and act on it. It is incredible how many people in the world have inspired thoughts and ideas on a daily basis. It’s even more incredible on how many people simply don’t act on it. They don’t act on it because they feel it’s not good enough to be shared or they are not good enough. They may feel people would not care or it won’t work.  The unfortunate thing is that because of this there will be many great inspired ideas and thoughts that will be lost and will never come to fruition.

If you are feeling this way, you’re not the only one to have these feelings. We have all had them in one point of our lives. Some people still have them every day. Many millionaires and famous people have questioned themselves at one point in their lives as well. Some actors and actresses will even tell you they still question themselves, even though they are very well-known and make millions a year. The point to this post is to you that you are not alone in your feelings, but you need to break away from this. Never ever doubt yourself and your ideas that inspire you, chances are if they inspire you they inspire others as well. You don’t want people to lose out on what you have to share. Never doubt your abilities, believer in yourself and other does will believe in you as well.

You have what it takes to do great things in this world and in your lifetime. It’s time for you to do your thing and take your ideas and inspirations and take them to the next level. If you are having a hard time overcoming this hurdle, then maybe you can talk with someone who can help you. You can probably use a life coach, who can help you to move on from this hurdle and help you to build self-confidence.  I would be happy to discuss this further with you and you can set up a free consultation with me, with no further obligation. Visit for more information.

Seek Your Passion

It’s been a few months since I have posted anything to the blog. Life has taken many twists and turns and I am pretty sure many of you can relate. I have been wanting to write an entry for so long, but I have never gotten around to it, because I have been so busy with life. Taking a break from this blog  has made me realize that this is where I want and need to be. I can’t let anyone or anything stop the work I need to do.

This is what you need to do with your life as well. If you feel passionate about something, you need to do what you need to do to follow your passion. Sometimes people or things can throw a monkey wrench in your life, but you totally have the control to get up and brush yourself off and keep working to achieve your goals and ultimately do what you are meant to do in life. We all need to realize that things take time to manifest and no matter what, we must not give up the drive to keep pounding the pavement to get to that goal.

Don’t worry about the competition or who you think your competition is. Let them worry about you! Worrying about the competition is not really going to get you anywhere. That is something that is easier said than done I know. Sometimes I still go through it, but for your own well-being you have to try, you don’t want to be like the competition anyway. You want to be different!

I am available to do readings and coaching sessions by appointment. Check out our website for more information I am also available for psychic parties both private and corporate.

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