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Business or Corporate Psychic Party| Psychic Parties

A psychic party can be a great way to kick off that special event for your company. You can be any organization from social to sporting clubs, small to medium businesses; national to international corporation’s even nonprofits can host a psychic party. Are you hosting Christmas or Halloween party for your employees? Maybe you are giving an end of the financial quarter party, an awards night, social club fundraiser? Regardless what kind of gathering you are having it’s easy to include a psychic to give readings without a whole lot of hassle. I don’t have a lot of complicated set ups or requirements. All I need is a private room, table and 2 chairs. Having a psychic party is a great way to jazz up any event and make it memorable.

Fee Information

• Fee for the Psychic Party is $150 hour (3 hour minimum). If you are a nonprofit or an educational entity your fee will be $100 per hour (3 hour minimum).
• Half of the fee ($225 or $150.00 for nonprofits or educational entities) is required to retain the date of the event and this is nonrefundable.
•Cancellation– If you need to cancel your event for any reason. I require advance notification. A Psychic party that is cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled date will be charged a cancellation fee of $50 this is addition to your deposit. There is no negotiation on the fee.
• Payment must be paid in full at the beginning of the Psychic party.


• Requests for corporate events out of my immediate area require that the client pay for travel expenses such as hotel, food and travel fee if I need to stay overnight because of distance. My immediate area includes Union County, NC, Mecklenburg County, NC and Chesterfield County, SC. My immediate area requires only the travel fee if the event exceeds a 40 mile radius from my office.
• Events in NC and SC that exceed a 40 mile radius from my office will be charged a travel fee of $25 per every 30 miles and any other travel expenses such as hotel and food.

My Rules

• No one is allowed to participate or be read under the age of 18.
• I will not read anyone who has been drinking excessively.
• All readings are held in strict confidence. I will not give any information about the reading to any corporate hierarchy; this includes the CEO, CFO, Vice President, human resource personal, managers etc…
• I have no problem reading giving a reading to any of the above, but I will not discuss anyone else’s reading during your reading.

So now it’s time to call me and book your party today 704.327.4119. Group readings and psychic parties are the only services I don’t accept online booking for, this is to make sure I am available for your day.
Due to the popularity of these types of events my schedule fills up quickly, so please reserve your date as soon as possible. We also do Psychic parties for personal events click here to find out more information.
Rev. Jennifer Williams

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