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Rune of the Week-Jera

This rune is known as the harvest rune. The meaning of this rune has to do with harvest, fertile season and one year.

This rune is a positive rune with a wonderful outcome.  The rune of Jera pertains to anything you’re committed to. A full cycle must pass before you reap the harvest or before you see your rewards. Which is why this rune has the meaning of “one year”, as you must wait a full year before you see any results in the seeds that you have sown. So you must be aware that this rune is not a rune of quick results and you must be patient.

You planted the seed now you must take care of it and help it grow.  Jera says that to those who have patience they will see their ideas, activities or endeavors flourish and succeed. But again you must have patience because this will be the recognition of your own process, which in its season, leads to the harvest of self!

So if you are currently working on something please know that it will succeed, you just have to be patient and wait, but don’t just sit around and wait for it to happen or for it to just fall on your lap, because it won’t you need to continue to work on it to help the success happen. For you to succeed you need to work hard on it and do what you need to do make it work. Once you have planted your seed and helped it grow, you will reap the rewards or the harvest for your hard work and perseverance.

he Raido rune is known as the traveler’s rune. It meaning has to do with a journey, communication, union, reunion or riding.

You are on a journey within yourself? What do you see? Have you been communicating your wants and or needs? Do you have trouble with communication? Now is not the time to sit back and stay quiet, in order for people to understand you and for you to understand yourself you must communicate. And if you are having trouble with this then look with in yourself and see way this is the case. What have you learned about yourself? Where can you improve? Take this time to think about the things you wish to change not the people, but the things you wish to change. You may just realize you may need to change yourself to get to where you need to be.

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