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Group Psychic Readings – Gallery Psychic Readings

Just like a psychic party group psychic readings or gallery psychic readings are conducted with a group of people (maximum of 6-10 people). The difference with a group psychic reading is that you will receive your readings in front of the group and they will receive their readings in front of you.

Everyone in the group will receive a psychic reading, based on the assumption that your guides or loved ones come forward. There is no script that I follow and I may move in a random pattern, as I speak when spirit comes through. I will make every effort to divide my time between the group equally, but I can’t guarantee that as spirits can sometimes try to take over and take all the time for one person and some are strong and may not allow others to come through. Also some may have more to say then others. With that said I do draw the line with such spirits and will let them know that they must share the space with the other spirits trying to communicate.

If you want to you can bring and pen and paper to take notes, but no recordings of the session will be allowed. This is to protect and respect the privacy of the other group members. Please try to arrive to the reading open, stress free and relaxed.

The fee for a group reading is $55 per person with a maximum group of 6-10. The group session will last 2 hours to 2 and half hours and must be paid in full in order for me to schedule you. To book a group psychic reading please give me a call at 704.327.4119. Group psychic readings and psychic parties are the only services I don’t accept online bookings for, this is to make sure I am available for your day.

Due to the popularity of these types of events my schedule fills up quickly, so please reserve your date as soon as possible.


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