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Rev. Jennifer Williams Psychic Medium Charlotte, NC

Intuitive Life Coaching –Intuitive Counseling

During an Intuitive Psychic Mirror Reading, I often provide an “assignment” intended to support my clients with the obstacles and opportunities unearthed during their session. Often, I am contacted by these same clients frequently within a short period of time for more understanding. One frequently asked question is “how can I continue the momentum in my life and begin implementing strategies to bring about positive change.”
I have come to realize that – while these clients took in the messages that were provided to them, they unfortunately did not follow-through with due diligence, this could be for many reasons. I will help you continue the momentum in your life and help you begin to implement strategies to bring about positive change.
I came up with Intuitive Counseling or Intuitive Life Coaching to help with this. Intuitive Counseling or Intuitive Life Coaching which can also be classified as just life coaching (with a twist) is designed to create a series of neutral, unbiased assignments to help you make the necessary and empowering changes in your life in order to be more focused with the path that is destined for you.
It is a package designed to:
• Provide initial and long term intuitive insight which identifies and exposes obstacles/opportunities and also help you learn how to get past obstacles and manifest the opportunities you are destined for.
• Provide coaching sessions designed specifically for you.
• Provide long term support while we review your progress as you “do your assignment”.
• Create a personal “road map” to help you achieve the specific goals and desires that you have set.
• Teach you how to apply Law of Attraction principles in your life.
Benefits of these sessions
• Feeling empowered to make positive changes in your life
• Bring your aura back to center
• Provides you with action-plans and support
• You’ll have the chance to set meaningful goals & accomplish them, too!
• Obstacles will be revealed and you’ll be supported as you go around them, through them or simply make them vanish.
• You’ll feel more confident and on-track.
• Brings a deeper sense of joy & a “ready to take on the world” approach to life.


This package grants you the full benefits of one-on-one intuitive guidance and support for a 3 to 6 month period. A one hour Intuitive Life Coaching Session is $132. With this package, you pay for 100 per session and get one session free, all while getting personal support! So you will receive 6 one hour sessions over a three to six month period – for only $500! I will also answer some questions you have in between sessions via email within reason of course.
Since I work very closely with my clients, I only take a few clients per month for this service.
* Requirements: A $300 deposit is required. Balance is due before the third session. I offer flexible scheduling for future sessions and the balance due timeline created at time of deposit.

If you prefer to do one session at a time it will be $132 per session (hour).

Psychic Medium, Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium Mirror Readings, Charlotte, NC

Intuitive Life Coaching for Couples

I offer intuitive life coaching (intuitive counseling) sessions for couples who want to or need help with their relationship. I empower couples to learn how to communicate better and bring back the respect, trust and the passion they are lacking.
Sessions are $185 for per couple. You can book your session below.
Psychic Medium, Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium Mirror Readings, Charlotte, NC
Rev. Jennifer Williams

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